Dear Parents,


In order for the students to transition back to school safely and smoothly, the following checklist and guidelines will be followed everyday (per health and licensing requirements):


***Bring a clean mask to school; the mask will be worn during the school day except for snacks/meals and naptime. Parents should also wear masks during drop-off and pick-up.

***Bring in a pair of new Velcro shoes to school for your child. It will be your child's indoor shoes when they are at school.


***Put a pillow, blanket and extra set of clothing in a zipped bag. The pillow and blanket should be taken home daily for cleaning.


***The staff will conduct daily health checks (both for staff and children) before coming to school. If your child exhibits any of the following symptom(s), please stay home and notify the school.


COVID-19 Symptoms Checklist:



Repeated Shaking/Shivering


Sore Throat

Shortness of Breath

Difficulty Breathing

Feeling Unusually Weak or Fatigued

Loss of Taste or Smell

Muscle pain


Runny nose or congested


***School licensing officials highly encourage the same parent or caretaker to drop-off and pick-up your child. Only one adult per child can come into the entry way.


***Please bring your own pen to sign-in and sign-out your child.


***Avoid group gatherings at the entrance of the school. Practice social distancing at all times during drop-off and pick-up.